Getting to Know Seattle: Fallen Construction Crane

Some of you have asked if Klainer West lives anywhere near the fallen building crane that killed four people and injured three here in Seattle on Saturday. The answer is yes. I walked past Mercer and Fairview, in the South Lake Union intersection where the crane fell, a little over a week ago — right past the new buildings under construction and that very vulnerable crane. That intersection is a boundary for Amazon Central; Sara works there. And Matt drives past the intersection every day on his way to work.

We weren’t there on Saturday and didn’t know the people who lost their lives or were injured. But the accident did indeed hit close to home.

Downtown Seattle is filled with building cranes, and  you often can’t avoid driving beneath them. Scary.

6 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Fallen Construction Crane

  1. for Phyllis: I try not to walk directly under a crane. But sometimes you have no choice but to drive under them.

  2. When we were in Bejing in early 2000, we were told there were more cranes there than in any other city in the world. Heard on news last night that Seattle now holds that record. Be careful.

  3. for Ada: Wow. I didn’t know that. Dubai has a lot of cranes too, and even Panama City. But nothing like Seattle, apparently. The crane that fell was working on Google’s new campus in South Lake Union.

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