Post-Wedding: M.O.B. Dress

My sister just added her wedding pics to Ben and Sara’s online site, and I loved this one of the back of my dress. I was really pleased with this dress, loved the color and all the drape-y fabric that gave it such a graceful line. Here’s the front view too, in case you forgot.

12 thoughts on “Post-Wedding: M.O.B. Dress

  1. Beautiful dress and the back is gorgeous. Love the color……….that’s the color Cathy’s bridesmaids wore at her wedding to Rich in 1988.

  2. for Phyllis: I didn’t know anyone got a pic of the back of the dress. Nor did I think to ask anyone to take that shot. Lucky it happened.

  3. for Katie: The dress did have soft lines, and draped beautifully. Glad you liked the color — I did too.

  4. for Ada: Was Cathy’s wedding that long ago? Yikes How old must your grandchildren be? I thought the color went well with the dresses Sara’s attendants wore.

  5. Possibly. caroline has significant other. But wedding bells are a couple of years off, I think.

  6. for Ada: I’m always struck by the differences in life cycle between us and the Panamanian mothers/grandmothers. Gloria is 46, her sons are Caroline and Alex’s age, and all of them have children. Gloria is a grandmother 4x over.

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