Conscious Aging: Having Men Around the House

The disposal in Sara’s house, the home I’m renting, is high quality and pretty much grinds up everything. So I pretty much throw everything I think is disposable down there, and haven’t had any problems with the mechanism locking up for the entire year I’ve lived here.

In my first Seattle building, a downtown condo, someone above me threw potting soil down hers, clogging the line for everyone who shared plumbing below. I don’t do that. But I did throw down watermelon rinds, and I must admit the churning was a bit noisy.

Matt and Ben were both here, as I was making the fruit salad for our Easter brunch. The leapt out of their chairs simultaneously and ran to shut off the disposal, asking if I didn’t hear that there was something wrong.

Honestly, not. I hadn’t thought the disposal needed to be coddled. But in the interests of assuming they know something I don’t, I’m glad to dump thick rinds in the food waste/composting bucket from now on. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Having Men Around the House

  1. for Katie: Well, I do cut up the watermelon rinds into small pieces, but they are thick and probably I’ve been lucky not to have a problem.:) I also like putting citrus rinds down because of the fruity scent they create in the kitchen.

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