Trump’s Intransigence

What we know from Trump’s shoddy business history is that he over-learns from past experience, doubling down when he should temper his behavior. What he’s learned from skating on the Mueller investigation is that he’s politically untouchable.

He’s digging in on refusing any cooperation with Congressional oversight. That does several things: allows him, at the very least, to postpone a reckoning on his taxes and other matters, maybe even until after the 2020 election. The battle with Congress allows him to dominate the media cycle. Instead of talking about destructive foreign policies of the Trump administration, or continued Russian hacking, or the lack of anything at all on infrastructure, health care, a new NAFTA agreement, a new agreement with Iran, or immigration reform, we’re all focused on how Trump doesn’t want to cooperate with Congress. Finally, the intransigence gives Trump an enemy around which to whip up the anger of his base. We all know Trump’s chaotic personality thrives in creating external chaos, and chaos feeds the fear and anger of his core supporters. Fear and anger distract them too, from recognizing that on substantive matters that affect their economic interests, Trump has sold them out.

Ever the victim, Trump is resentful because “other presidents with good economies have gotten a pass”. Those of us who oppose him think he got a big pass with the Mueller investigation, but no matter. For Trump, it’s never enough. He really is like a toddler in a perpetual temper tantrum, trying to make the world bend to him.

2 thoughts on “Trump’s Intransigence

  1. What if the press took the lead instead of wasting their power on the “toddler’s” misbehaving. What if they turned their articles and broadcast opportunities toward those exact issues you mention and not only deprive Trump of the “witch hunt” and “no collusion” publicity but bring back to the forefront the issues the country needs to constantly be reminded are in peril. Instead of spending so much valuable paper and air time on the absurdity of his behavior, let go of the character assassination and get back to reporting actual news. I, for one, am really disappointed in the 4th estate – they finally have the chance to prove their real value in focusing the country on what’s important and all they can do is follow his idiotic Twitters and glittering generalities. Deny him what he craves. Hold his feet to the fire! Do the “right” thing ! (Sorry, I ran on a bit, didn’t I?)

  2. for Dawn: I watch Reliable Sources on CNN on Sunday mornings, and they cover this dilemma a lot. On the one hand, covering Trump’s lies and more outrageous statements does give him oxygen. On the other hand, the people who follow his Twitter feed seem to believe everything he says. Responsible journalists are trying, I think, to put a stake in the sand and say that truth matters. You can argue how much attention Trump’s constantly outrageous statements deserve, but I think the point is better made with some that simply can’t be allowed to pass unchallenged. His latest assertion, for example, that late term abortions are infanticide is cruel. Typically, abortions after 24 weeks are for fetuses whose development is incompatible with life. Some couples choose to allow the pregnancy to go to term, and hold the baby for whatever minutes or hours it survives. Some couples feel unable to do that. To call those couples murderers, practitioners of infanticide, adds layers of pain to what is already an excruciating experience. Whether or not Trump’s 40% or so of groupies believes him, I absolutely support the press calling him out and saying that his words are casually vicious and completely unacceptable. I do hope the 2020 campaign focuses on his incompetence and corruption, not his latest flights of fancy. It’s hard to do when the untruths and outrageous provocations are a torrent.

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