Trump’s Disdain for Norms

We’re in a slow-rolling crisis of democracy, with a president who disdains all norms other than those that measure his personal enrichment and scorecard on winning. His cabinet heads are Acting, so that Congress is prevented from inquiring about their philosophy of governance and their competence. His appointments to major bodies like the Federal Reserve are ludicrously unqualified. He rebuffs any attempts by Congress to exercise legitimate oversight. His white, male conservative judges are often shockingly unqualified. Yet Mitch McConnell shovels them through the confirmation process anyway. Trump refuses a legally well-grounded request to hand over his taxes. I personally believe that even if ordered to do so by the Supreme Court, he will refuse. He’s learned that there are no consequences from his base, and therefore no consequences from a Republican majority in the Senate.

Trump has brought out the worst in his core supporters, who seem untroubled by his trashing of the norms of democracy and eagerly join in when he attacks women, Muslims, people of color, immigrants legally seeking asylum — pretty much anyone he deems useless in his efforts to increase his family wealth and power.

This presidency is a disaster for our country, and the fact that 42% of Americans seemingly are in full-throated support boggles the mind.

Anyone for a Buttigieg/Stacey Abrams ticket, with either on top of the ballot? One focuses on competence, the other on voting rights. What a concept for a democracy.

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