Post-Wedding: Not Letting Go of the Buzz

Ben, Sara and I got home to Seattle in the wee hours of Friday morning, but I’m finding myself reluctant to let go of the elation that characterized the six days of the destination wedding. The wedding ceremony was pure joy. So too were the days and events leading up to and away from the actual celebration.

I developed my own little morning routine, which led to my meeting and talking with lots of wedding guests I didn’t really know. Several of us had access to the Grand Lounge — which you get with travel status in the Hyatt hotel chain, or in my case, because you’re traveling with people who have elite status. The Grand Lounge provides a complementary full hot breakfast from 7am until 10:30am. Later in the day there are cookies and fruit over the lunch hour, soft drinks and coffee, then a full happy hour spread with wine and mixed drinks. Bite sized desserts and coffee round out the evening.

I’d come down to breakfast early, shortly after 7am, and be the only one from our group. I’d have breakfast and my first cups of coffee while writing blog posts for that day. Gradually, starting at about 9am, other family and friends would begin to come down. I’d stop writing — finished, usually — replenish my coffee, and talk with whoever was there. I basically sat through three rounds of breakfast seekers, ending up at around 11am. I loved it. I can’t stay out in the sun all day, even with sunscreen, so was fine going to the beach later. I loved spending the morning in conversation, and feel that I learned a lot about a lot of really interesting people.

I also love early morning in the tropics — the bird sounds, the warm, damp air, the heavy scent of flowers and foliage. The Grand Lounge had outside seating, and that’s where I set up shop — being joined gradually by others as they entered and saw familiar faces.

I could live in a tropical climate in a heartbeat, wouldn’t miss the change of seasons at all. Of course I usually go in the hot, dry months — not rainy season in Panama or hurricane season in the Caribbean. The latter are minor drawbacks. Despite them I do love tropical weather, that dense heat that bakes all the way into your bones.

The air has been crisp and cool in Seattle, and the city is filled with beautiful blooms. All good, but I am having trouble getting back to normal and letting go of the buzz.

4 thoughts on “Post-Wedding: Not Letting Go of the Buzz

  1. for Phyllis: That’s my preference, except that I have a list of niggling household things that I deferred because I didn’t feel like dealing with them prior to the wedding. Now I have no excuse other than that I can’t focus on them now either. 🙂

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