Mayor Pete and Pence

Democrats had pretty much ceded the religious space to Republicans in recent elections. Hillary Clinton is a practicing Methodist, but she lost the religious right vote to Trump — who sounds even more ridiculous than usual when he tries to talk about bible verses or communion or anything remotely related to church.

Enter Mayor Pete, a devout Episcopalian who is as comfortable talking about his faith as smarmy Pence is.

I’m hoping Mayor Pete will begin to call out both Catholics and Evangelicals — the two largest religious groups in this country, second and third in numbers to “none” — for their indifference or outright hostility to immigrants in crisis who are flooding our southern borders. During the civil rights struggles of the 1960’s, clergy and churches of all denominations were at the forefront, marching, preaching, calling the larger culture to accountability and a stand for social justice. I think it would be just great if Mayor Pete, who has credibility in this space, to invite Catholics and Evangelicals to step to the forefront on behalf of the immigrant, the stranger, the “other”. For them to stand in solidarity with the poor and besieged would be biblical, after all.

4 thoughts on “Mayor Pete and Pence

  1. What an impressive human being he is – smart, humorous, committed, honest, practical………if not in 2020, this man needs to lead our country some day!

  2. He was superb on Rachel Maddow last night. She asked him about his coming-out process and he was very honest.

  3. for Phyllis: Rachel is a great interviewer, and Mayor Pete is a thoughtful and honest man. I hope he’s prepared for the Trump tirade.

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