Getting to Know Seattle: Spring-Like

Seattle hit 77 degrees on Tuesday, which certainly won’t last but is a wonderful taste of consistently warmer weather to come. I clicked off the heat and opened all the windows, upstairs and down, and let the breezes sweep away the stale air of a house that’s been closed up all winter long.

Here in Seattle we have a clear harbinger that the season has changed: cruise ships to Alaska start lining up at the piers around May 15th. Amy’s Aunt Joyce and Uncle Ray live in Iowa, and they have a similar kind of marker: barges start transiting the Mississippi River.

Does the place where you live have any kind of tangible marker that a new season has arrived? If so, share it with us. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Seattle: Spring-Like

  1. Myrtle Beach area – heavier traffic on main north-south Rt.17, a section of beach items appear in regular stores (grocery, Walmart, etc), RV’s heading north.

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