Trump’s Budget: “Brutal Austerity”

Kristin Capps, writing for CityLab, calls the Trump 2020 budget “brutal austerity.” There’s money for more military buildup, lots of it. There’s much less revenue, because of the tax cuts that primarily benefitted the rich. The deficit is soaring, which Trump doesn’t mind because the true devastating impact will be felt after he leaves office. Either that, or he still has in mind defaulting on the U.S. debt; defaulting was his modus operandi in commercial real estate. Pretty much everything else in the federal budget gets the shaft.

Finer details about the budget won’t be available for another week, but the broad strokes reveal that Trump administration officials are standing firmly behind deficit-inflating policies so brazenly harmful to aging Baby Boomers and rural voters they would have embarrassed conservatives of earlier eras. And while the White House budget is at best an aspirational document, it casts extreme arguments as mainstream.”

Aging Baby Boomers and rural voters are a good chunk of Trump’s base. Will they get the import of this budget proposal, or even care?

I saw a brief clip of Van Jones at CPAC, where he talked with Trump voters who pledged their undying love. Honestly, it’s the closest thing to a cult that I can imagine.

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