Immigrant Workers

The landscaping company I use is owned by a Colombian, and his entire very excellent crew are immigrants — no idea of their legal status. The guy who came to clean my furnace is Hispanic. Ditto the painting crew who are arriving to finish up the last remnants of last fall’s project, left over when the weather turned too cold to paint.

Lots of home health care workers are immigrants, as are the direct care staff in nursing homes. So are lots of the people who work behind the scenes in Seattle restaurants: the busboys, dishwashers, cooks.

As I’ve said before, my Salvadoran friend’s husband works for the City of Seattle Sanitation Department — a night job in which he cleans feces, dirty needles, broken glass and other detritus from homeless encampments. This family has legal status, which they are scheduled to lose at the end of this year under Trump administration policies.

Why is Trump’s base so angry at these people? Why is Stephen Miller so angry at these people?

No one is advocating open borders, and we don’t have open borders. It’s a silly argument, made to justify the rage of Trump’s base. But does any reasonable person think we have a better America if we root all these people out? Mystifies me.

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