Yet Another Trump Scandal: Who Funded the Inauguration?

Trump scandals come so thick and fast we seem inured to whatever the latest one might be. Judge Ellis’ light sentencing of Paul Manafort makes it seem as if the justice system doesn’t care about scandals, or even crimes, involving rich people in suits. Trump’s base certainly doesn’t; his scandals are part of the demagogue bad-boy persona that gets them so fired up.

But here’s yet another scandal, involving foreign money given through shell corporations to fund Trump’s inauguration.  Attempt to curry favors, anyone?

Foreign entities are not allowed to make contributions to U.S. political campaigns, including to fund inaugurations.

US election law prohibits non-resident foreigners from contributing to political campaigns, including inaugurations. Donors or campaigns who “knowingly and willfully” breach this rule may be fined or prosecuted.

One of the $25,000 donations to Trump’s inauguration was made through a Delaware shell company for a wealthy Indian financier based in London, who appears to not hold US citizenship or residency.

Another was made by a company formed in Georgia by a lobbyist with connections to the Taiwanese government. His wife said the firm was funded by Chinese investors. One of their daughters was later given an internship in Trump’s White House, which they said was unrelated to the donation.

If you work your way through this article, you’ll find Ivanka Trump’s name — which raises the issue of whether the Trump offspring are fair game for the newly empowered Democratic House investigations. I say they are. If they are involved in enriching themselves because of Trump’s presence in the Oval Office, then they are subject to the same critical eye any other White House advisor might be. I appreciate the optics of appearing to pile on. But I can’t think of a criminal family enterprise currently in operation that invites more scrutiny.

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