M.O.B: My Shoes

As I said in an earlier post, one of the three pairs of shoes that Sara ordered me online fits perfectly and will go well with either dress — depending on the final decision of which one to wear.

What do you think? Remember it’s a beach wedding on sand; flats definitely called for.

I spoke with my Boston family the other day, and they are all teasing me about wearing a dress — something they haven’t seen in decades, to be sure. I wore a dressy pant suit to Matt and Amy’s wedding, and to my niece Suzanne’s, and I even — with the approval of the bride and groom — wore a dressy pants outfit to officiate at a wedding. I have good legs, so it’s not that. The rest of my body just doesn’t fit all that well into a regular size dress — I’m too broad across the chest and narrow at the hips. Separates work better.

But, I did find a dress at Nordstrom’s that works, fits well, and which I like. When my online dress arrives, Sara and I will make the choice.

I have good legs but not gorgeous feet; I think my feet look old. But they are the feet I have, so they will have to do. 🙂


3 thoughts on “M.O.B: My Shoes

  1. for Katie and Ellen: Will do re the foot care and pedicure. Lots of good places here in Seattle. 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

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