A Joe Biden Run in 2020

I’m surprised at how viscerally negative I feel about a Joe Biden run. I’d never vote for Trump, and I suppose if Biden emerges as the Democratic candidate I’d vote for him, but not with any enthusiasm. I’d support any other Democrat first.

Totally aside from the damage Biden willingly inflicted on Anita Hill — and that’s a big aside — he was instrumental in giving us that Supreme Court gift that keeps on giving: Clarence Thomas.

Being “one of the boys” seems ingrained in Biden’s political persona; it’s the kind of impulse that led him to call Mike Pence “a decent man”. Well, Pence isn’t so decent for those of us who value women’s reproductive choice, or who don’t think Christianity is the state religion.

The Democratic race is in early days, and there’s a lot of sorting out that has to happen. Elizabeth Warren seems stuck. Bernie Sanders is still running as Mr. Grumpy, and maybe with Trump’s demagogue shtick voters are looking for something other than who can be the most disagreeable. Beto O’Rourke is still on the fence, but he didn’t win his Texas race, did he? Other early candidates are working hard, but no one yet seems to be breaking out.

The jobs report for last month was crummy, the deficit is growing, and the trade imbalance — which doesn’t signify what Trump thinks it does but which he’s chosen as some sort of benchmark of his brilliance — is worse. Trump’s defeat will be a lot more likely if the economy tanks. I’m not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to being done with the corruption and self-dealing of the cheap crooks in bespoke suits.

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