I hardly know what to say about Manafort’s light sentence for his years and years of white collar crimes, except that the double standard of our justice system is in naked display. The judge in this case made an appalling decision when weighing the importance of what Manafort has done: Manafort is a cheap crook in a fancy suit. I’m disappointed, and disheartened. We can’t possibly call this justice.

8 thoughts on “Manafort

  1. Justice in the US = belonging to a whiter or richer tribe, armed to the teeth, of course. The only requirement for belonging is to have xenophobia and a sense of entitlement, coupled with an aggrieved sense of being the wronged one, coursing through one’s veins like mother’s milk. Always remember: in their minds, it’s their America, not yours.

  2. I think justice will be better served when he is sentenced next week – different issues and a much different judge. I’m counting on it.

  3. for Alibey: I’m even angrier today about the sentence for Manafort. Hoping the judge next week throws the book at him, but we shouldn’t have to judge shop to get justice.

  4. Let’s see what happens. You never know. I dont think Pelosi will have the courage to do it, but I think the House should conduct a Judicial review of Ellis’ sentencing of comparables for the past 10 years, including the Israeli spy case, and sentences he gave to black defendants. plus a close review of his interference in the Manafort trial itself, followed by an ongoing review of his personal finances, including that of his family, from2 years back till he croaks, to make sure there is no funny money/Kennedy quid pro quo going on. Following a motion to impeach in the house, if he still is on the bench at age 80 in 2020, remove him, but make sure Trumpo does not replace with with an equally toxic arch conservative who thinks Russian interference in our elections is no big deal. We need to go after these dudes relentlessly with hammer, tong, and nail, until this nightmare is put to rest, and I dont think the old guard has what it takes to root out these misguided racists. Time for new blood in the Dem leadership, the sooner, the better. Enough with the geezers who gave us the clusterf**k we are dealing with today.

  5. This is what to say about Manafort’s light sentence: Judge T.S. Ellis was PAID OFF or BRIBED in some way to give Trump’s pal a YUGE BREAK with that slap-on-the-wrist sentence. INVESTIGATE T.S. ELLIS! T.S. Ellis is either a crook like trump, or a dumbass like Trump, or both! Manafort is a CONVICTED CRIMINAL.

  6. for alibey: Interesting. I don’t think Nancy Pelosi will do it either, but as you say, we’ll see.

  7. for muckibr: Not sure re payoff. I think seeing white collar crime as less offensive than other kinds of crime is just ingrained. They see themselves in the defendant.

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