Conscious Aging: Musings

Friend and regular reader Ellen observed that I have been musing a lot about aging in recent posts, including two others today. I write about what’s around me in the moment. Aging has been front and center during my trip to Panama in the wake of Minga’s death, and this week as I have been caregiver to a friend who underwent knee replacement.

During the Panama trip, my observational focus was on what happens within an extended family when the matriarch dies and leaves a void in the center. During this week of caregiving, my observational focus has been on what it ‘s like to be a vulnerable patient — something with which I have little personal experience. Gracias a Dios, as they would say in Panama.

Louise’s daughter arrived on Saturday mid-day, to take over the caregiving. I’m shifting back to my normal routine.

The next big thing on my agenda is Sara and Ben’s April wedding, which will turn my focus in a different and joyful direction.

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