Conscious Aging: Granny on an Ice Floe

I sometimes joke that if I grow impossible and demanding or irreversibly ill or grievously demented as I age, that my kids should put me on an ice floe and send me out to sea. I never suggest seeking out an ice floe myself.

Apparently, people do. This piece would be hilarious, except that 77 year old Granny could have died of hypothermia in the frigid waters off Iceland, where she was on vacation. She climbed onto a throne-shaped ice floe at water’s edge, wanting a picture of herself looking like a queen. Said picture was taken, a rogue wave swept in, and Granny on the ice floe was dragged out to sea. She was rescued by a passing boat captain who saw her drifting away.

Granny got her regal moment and became a short-lived media sensation on Twitter. She has returned safely to Texas. Ice floes, I imagine, are not in her future plans.

2 thoughts on “Conscious Aging: Granny on an Ice Floe

  1. I saw Granny go out to see on the news. Native Alaskans used to do that to women once their husbands died. I am part native Alaskan (Aleutian). Glad that custom went away. I have given my kids similar instructions, with one big difference, I asked to be put on a cruise ship and sail continuously around the world.

  2. for Katie: Hilarious. My mother once said the only way she could go around the world is if we cremated her and sent her Parcel Post before she was buried. Odd sense of humor, that one.

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