The United Methodist Church and Gays

Sounds as if the United Methodist Church may not be so united going forward, as the denomination has chosen to go back in time and make itself unwelcoming to LGBTQ members, clergy, and married couples. The conservative members of the denomination, who won the vote to deny their non-heterosexual brethren full communion with church ritual and practices, are waving the bible at those with more open hearts, claiming to be the more biblically adherent.

I’m not a big reader of the bible, but I did study a fair amount of theology as an undergrad in college — we had to. I don’t pretend to be a biblical scholar and have no desire to go toe to toe with conservative Methodists, but it seems to me that Jesus talked a whole lot more about how we treat the poor and needy and the outcasts among us than he did about who people fall in love with. I suspect Jesus didn’t care much about the latter, and I wonder why conservatives in all denominations make this the hill they want to die on.

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