The Michael Cohen Hearings

I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the hospital with Louise as she had knee surgery and began her recuperation. All day Wednesday, we were glued to the Michael Cohen hearings on the TV in her room.

I have such an overwhelming sense of how tawdry the presidency of the United States has become. I think I understand what the 40W% who support this president are getting. Business types get tax cuts and elimination of regulations they consider burdensome. Populists revel in vicious rhetoric and harsh policies toward Muslims and brown and black people. Religious conservatives get right wing judges. Old white voters get to fantasize about their dominance and entitlement coming back. There’s your 40% of the electorate.

But for the rest of us, how could Cohen’s testimony be anything but stomach-churning and deeply demoralizing?

Trump is a nihilist, really. He thinks all of life is a transaction in which you grab what you can by any means, win at all costs, and then you die and none of it mattered anyway. Somehow, he’s brought that nihilism to the Oval Office. Whatever dignity and sense of common purpose and respect for the office of the presidency that previous presidents brought — even Richard Nixon — is swept away in the Trump White House.

Now we’re talking about threats, and fixers, and payoffs, and bimbos, and crooked financial deals and crimes like tax evasion. After the dignity and grace of the Obama years, it’s really heartbreaking that this is where we are.

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