2019 Oscars

Supposedly the Oscars are less relevant and less interesting — but I still love movies, and I like this spectacle of Hollywood showing up dressed to the nines. Pharrell Willams had the most “out there” fashion statement, variation on the classic tux. Not sure I liked the bobby socks. I made three pics ahead of the show: BlacKkKlansman for Best Picture, Glenn Close for Best Actress, and Rami Malek for Best Actor.

Well, I agreed with the Academy on Rami Malek. I would never have gone for Green Book as best pic. And I love Olivia Colman, but really wanted Glenn Close.

The Best Song had to be Shallow. Nobody touches Lady Gaga in talent on that one, including the two cowboy/girl singers.

Another year of films in the can, as they say. Another round of performances recognized, or not. Another tribute to those in the industry who died during 2018. Another opportunity to hear from Hollywood icons like Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand.

After two hours or so I was about done, but of course the top awards come at the end, so I stuck with it. Glad I did, but would have liked a different ending.

4 thoughts on “2019 Oscars

  1. I love the Oscars. I remember watching them in Panama three years ago in Spanish! I love all the Hollywood glam, music, memories, and recognition. Glenn Close looks beautiful. In fact I thought she look like an Oscar. I was shocked when she did not win best actress. I was surprised at the Best picture. I really didn’t enjoy Lady Gaga. I prefer having a host, one that is not insulting. The show didn’t seem to end a bit earlier however.

  2. Many typos in my dictated comment. Oh dear. I really enjoyed Lady Gaga who was fabulous and truly deserved the Oscar. The show seemed to end a bit earlier, but I still prefer a host.

  3. for Katie: It was funny watching the Oscars in Spanish. All the way back in the Peace Corps era, someone in the village had a small black and white TV on which I saw I Love Lucy dubbed into Spanish. Hilarious.

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