Wedding Plans

Sara and Ben’s wedding plans are proceeding apace. There are a million decisions to be made around a wedding — cue the concept of a project management spread sheet. Destination weddings have their own challenges: you have to get everyone there and back and create enough events surrounding the actual ceremony to keep friends and family engaged and entertained.

From the standpoint of M.O.B., I have to say that the whole thing is so much happier when the families get along and are fully on board with the impending nuptials. Jerry’s and my Catholic/Jewish union formalized by a judge was not a happy thing for my mother or Jerry’s father. Everyone came and everyone behaved, which is saying something. But the easy camaraderie and joy that accompanies Ben and Sara on the lead-up to their big day is refreshing. Matt and Amy’s wedding followed a similarly harmonious path. I’ve met several members of Ben’s family, and I’m glad to say that we’re all united in wanting to give the couple 100% all-in support for the start to their marriage.

The substance of a marriage is how the couple themselves create a life together, one day at a time. Jerry and I were able to be joyful in creating a marriage, despite the shifting family sands at our beginning. I expect that and more for Ben and Sara, and I’m smiling in anticipation.

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