Election 2020

Trump is a con man surrounded by criminals, grifters, and users like himself. But he’s successfully won the adoration of the Republican Party and the fealty of Republicans in Congress. People in 2020 will vote along party lines, which points to a close election and means The Con Man in Chief has a path to re-election.


The Democrats, meanwhile, have a lot to sort out. Elizabeth Warren has to resolve the Pocahontas thing. Amy Klobuchar has to deal with being labeled a terrible boss. Diane Feinstein got into a contretemps with students over the Green New Deal. The party has two old white guys — Sanders and Biden — who can’t let go.

The economy is roaring along, but we’re not making the kinds of investments in infrastructure and education and the health and well being of the populace that are equipping us for the future. In the meantime, Trump is successfully stoking fear and pushing people to vote their worst instincts. The rich get richer, and Trump grass roots supporters get cheap MAGA hats.

I’d like to think we’re better than this. Barack Obama wasn’t a perfect president, but he stood for something decent in American culture. Trump wallows in the dregs of corruption and venality, and drags everyone around him to that same swampy place.

I would think the cynicism and emptiness that emanates from Trump would get tiresome. But it hasn’t for Trump voters yet.

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