Lunch with Senator Patty Murray

Democratic Senator Patty Murray does regular donor lunches here in Seattle, to which you get invited and treated to lunch if you give at a certain level. It’s a chance to talk with the Senator in a small group, usually under 20 people. She’s more candid in the small group than she can afford to be in more public settings, especially when press is there.

Her concern about the upcoming battle to turn back Trump’s power grab over funding to build the wall is enormous. Congressional appropriators spent a year formulating the budget, based on Trump’s original ask of 1.7M for his silly vanity project. Congressional appropriators, not Trump, are in charge of representing constituent voices in how our tax dollars should be spent. Trump upended the entire process in a fit of pique, a blast of fear-mongering, and a torrent of lies.

Congressional Republicans, as we can all see for ourselves, are terrified to cross him. Several of them initially came out against the power grab, but apparently are now backtracking.

This is the most consequential vote Congress has had to take in a long time. For the voices of sanity and reason, it’s not looking good.

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