Update on Seattle Snow

There’s a real dichotomy here, with downtown Seattle pretty much back to normal — streets and sidewalks clear, grass visible — and the hillier neighborhoods like mine and Capitol Hill, which are still a mess.

The pic below is of my friend Louise’s cabin, near Alpental — ski country — about an hour into the Cascade Mountains from downtown Seattle. Area ski lovers are in heaven, with feet and feet of new powder. Lots to shovel, though, to get into your cabin.

All of that said, we’re returning to normal. Busses are running again; I rode one downtown on Wednesday to get my hair cut and colored — no more white roots. Late Wednesday afternoon my held mail was finally delivered — although I have a couple of Amazon packages still on weather delay because of lingering weather conditions. On Thursday Seattle Schools reopened, although on a two hour delay. Louise and I met for breakfast at our favorite neighborhood spot. I drove to Belltown and parked instead of walking as I usually would. Queen Anne hill is open, but there are still icy patches on the steep sidewalks.

I still have too much snow in my front and back yards for the mapaches to have returned to dig up my sod.

I’ve adjusted back to Pacific Northwest time zone but not to the chillier temps — although we’re in the high 30’s, which is hardly that cold. Panama was 90 degrees, and only a tad cooler at night. That’s a big temperature swing. I had to put a sweatshirt on in the house, even though my heat is set to its normal 68 degrees and I’m usually quite comfortable with that.

I’ve started to sort out my tax information, and I activated the new credit card that arrived while I was gone. I’ve handed out the small gifts I brought back, all but two.

Largely back in my routine, I’d say. 🙂

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