The Mueller Report

What concerns me about the Mueller report, if and when we finally see it, is that everything likely to be documented in the report is already visible to us. Trump’s mendacity, his self dealing, his fascination with autocrats and his need to curry their favor, his willing to skate over the legal and ethical line, his essentially cruelty and disdain for people who are vulnerable or can be made vulnerable to his vicious caricatures, his shady business practices — what is there that we don’t know and haven’t already seen? And yet Trump’s hold on the Republican Party, and on Republicans in Congress, remains near-absolute. Even if Mueller documents collusion with Russia, or conspiracy to steal the election, a bit over 30% of voters — his core Republican base — say they have no objection to the intervention of a hostile foreign power in our democratic elections.

That’s shocking, and pretty horrifying. Call Trump’s base “low information voters”, or people easily swayed by reality TV and Fox and Friends — call them what you will. But they are far too many to be disregarded. Indeed, Mitch McConnell values his hold on power more than anything, apparently, and he will not cross the base — even to defend the Constitution.

What a sorry state of a affairs.

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