Is Biden Running?

CNN and MSNBC seem to think Biden is edging closer to an announcement that he is in the race. I hope not. The Democrats are no longer the party of out of touch old white men. Biden is gaffe-prone, and he has far too much baggage. I hope, if he enters the primary, that someone puts up on a continuous loop the tape of him throwing Anita Hill under the bus in the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court hearings. I’d contribute to that ad in  a heartbeat, with the hope of forcing Biden into an early exit from the race.

Clarence Thomas, on the Supreme Court all these years, has been the conservative gift that has kept on giving, and in the worst possible way. Biden can’t get a pass on the basis that the hearings were a long time ago. Anita Hill has had to live all these years with the damage to her reputation. We’ve had to live all these years with Clarence Thomas.

No, Joe. Say it ain’t so, the rumors that you are running.

4 thoughts on “Is Biden Running?

  1. for Katie: Do you have an early favorite? I like Elizabeth Warren but fear she is not getting out ahead of this Native American thing. Like Amy Klobuchar, although she’s not as high profile as some of the early entrants. Don’t know much about Kamala Harris. Corey Booker tells a good story, and with passion. Not sure he was terribly successful in running Newark, although I’m not sure anyone could be.

  2. No to Corey Booker; Newark is a mess. I think Elizabeth Warren is too polarizing and won’t aurvive her Native American claims. I don’t yet have a favorite but Booker and Biden won’t be it.

  3. for Katie: We’ll have to wait and see who emerges. Agree it won’t be Booker or Biden, and probably not Warren — which is too bad because she’s really bright.

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