Update on Seattle Snow

Schools are closed again on Tuesday —  not surprising, as the side streets are in no shape to accommodate busses. The city bus schedule is on “emergency”; I have no idea what that means. The schedule is showing major delays along the routes, and busses still can’t get up and down Queen Anne hill, which remains closed.

Temperatures are just above freezing, which means we’re getting melting and then freezing again of the deep slush on side roads. Makes driving bumpy and treacherous.

My “held mail” still hasn’t shown up, although I’m sure it’s somewhere in the USPS system awaiting requested delivery. Not a big deal, except that at this time of year there are tax forms and such that I need. Mostly my snail mail is advertising and other junk.

Sunday and the challenge of getting home was an adventure. Monday it snowed those big, pillowy flakes that are quite beautiful and which pile up pretty quickly. I shoveled my steps a couple of times, hoping for the arrival of the mail. By Tuesday my feeling is “OK, enough already.” I have things to catch up on that require driving, and some of the steeper roads are still closed. I can get my car out and so far the Subaru has done well in the snow, slush, and ice. But getting where I need to go requires a lot of creative picking of routes. And getting up my street, with its deep slushy ruts, is really a challenge.

We need a week of good February thaw to get rid of all of this, but so far that is not on the weather forecast. Nor is a heavy duty snowplow to push aside the slop.

The raccoons are still holed up. I wonder if grubs that have frozen and then thawed are as tasty. 🙂


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