Panama 2019 Departure Surprise: At the Airport

Anticipating the cold weather in Seattle for which I was ill-prepared, I’d put on three layers of shirts plus my vest — this is my spring-through-fall one with a lot of pockets for passport and such, not the warm one I should have brought. As I walked through the automatic doors into the main terminal, there they all were. Honestly, it was a huge surprise. They tracked my every move until I was out of sight, which is  a sign that my annual trip there is an adventure for them until the very last moment. I was very touched.

I’m aware as I look at these pics that after kvetching about the long lines, there is no one in the initial security line as I go through. There are two lines, one on each side of the escalators. No one apparently realized the line on the right side was open — everybody was in the line to the left. 🙂 For once I sailed right through.

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