On Late Term Abortion

Those of us who favor women’s reproductive rights need to do a much better job educating the public about abortion in the latter half of pregnancy. Unlike Trump’s ugly rhetoric about ripping full term babies from the womb and committing infanticide, abortion in the final months of pregnancy is almost always about a fatal defect to the gestating fetus which will end life shortly after birth, or lead to a severely compromised existence and great suffering. Or, abortion late in pregnancy might have to do with saving the life of the mother — that was case in Ireland when a woman died because the Catholic hospital refused to intervene in a miscarriage underway and the mother became irreversibly septic.

The ones to tell these stories are families who have had to make these difficult choices. And they need to be able to do so without being demonized by Trump and the religious right as baby killers.

2 thoughts on “On Late Term Abortion

  1. for Phyllis: I’ve read some absolutely heart-wrenching stories of women/couples who find, late in pregnancy, that a much loved and wanted baby has developed in a way that is incompatible with life. I can’t imagine layering the power of the state to compel that pregnancy to continue to term on people already consumed with grief.

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