No Sign of My Mapaches

The we-don’t-get-any-snow-to-speak-of Seattle is overwhelmed right now with a series of snowstorms that are supposed to continue on and off through the week. We still don’t have anything like the huge snow dumps that upstate New York gets, but we don’t have anything like their snow removal equipment either. I’m about three blocks from the main drag on Queen Anne, and while that street is relatively clear, the streets leading to my house and in front of my house are not touched by plows. With melting and freezing and more snow coming for the foreseeable future, the ruts get pretty deep.

One good thing: the snow is deep enough that my mapaches, raccoons, are nowhere to be seen. They are holed up, presumably, trying to survive and not digging through the snow to roll up my now-frozen sod looking for grubs.

In Panama we had a different critter problem. There were three iguanas around the yard — they are apparently territorial — and one chose a particular spot on the concrete surrounding our pool  as a place to dump a pile of poop. The daily dump was annoying, but whoever saw it first grabbed paper toweling and disinfectant spray and just cleaned it up. There are a series of villas adjacent to ours, and apparently the daily dump happened at other pools as well. Surprising how much poop three iguanas can generate. One of the other renters complained loudly and demanded of the gardeners that something be done. Iguanas are protected in Panama; they can no longer be killed for food or as a nuisance.

So much for that. One of the gardeners went after the thing with a machete, and no more iguana — and no more poop for the remainder of the time we were there. I hope at least he took the critter home and ate it. Iguana legs are quite tasty, and no, they don’t taste like chicken. They taste lizard-y.

Gloria said that if the authorities find out, the gardener will be fined. I asked her exactly who was going to tell on the guy, and she laughed. “Tienes razon, Tia Pamela.”

I know that Trapper Jon has to observe the civil rights of my raccoons, per Seattle law. But if I had the Panama gardener here for a couple of days, I have no doubt my mapache problem would be over and done. 🙂

2 thoughts on “No Sign of My Mapaches

  1. for Katie: Lots of snow for Seattle, for sure. I’m at that point where the first day was an adventure. Now it’s just a slog, as I have things I need to do this week and driving to get to them is dicey. The busses are “seriously delayed” whatever that means, and running on a “snow emergency” schedule. Busses still can’t get up and down Queen Anne hill, so I’m not sure where the are going to access downtown.

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