Panama 2019: Saying Good bye to Rufina

On arrival, we make the rounds to say hello. On departure, we make the rounds again. Here we are saying good-bye until next year to Rufina, Lily’s mother.

Hat is covering my white roots. 🙂 Rufina is 60, and her daughter Lily is 40. How time flies. I remember taking Rufina to a restaurant for her 50th birthday — first time experience for her. I always say to them that time with me is about having new experiences — all around. Each year is a new set of experiences for me too.

Rufina, along with her elder sister Ana, is the new matriarch of the family — a role she will fill aptly. She looks very much like her mother, and has her mother’s serenity. She also has a dry wit that you’d miss if you weren’t listening, letting your attention pass over her to the more flamboyant family members. Rufina is funny, and wise, and I adore her.

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