Panama 2019: Back in Houston Awaiting Seattle Flight

Am in United Club in Houston awaiting my Seattle flight. Going to freeze my tail off when I get there. January was mild and I took a chance on not lugging a heavy jacket to Panama and back. I’ll survive. Staying at the Airport Marriott last night was quite fun. There’s a little tram that goes underground from the terminal to the hotel, which is right on the grounds of the airport. I didn’t even have to go outside. Such adventures.

The family in Panama are very worried that I am in Houston alone — in their world, people my age don’t travel at all, much less alone. Mari has activated her prayer circle to pray for my safety until I am back with family. When I’m in Panama I’m rarely alone. They show up to accompany me, and to watch out that I come and go without any trouble and without any untoward events. It’s very touching, actually.

Getting conflicting reports from Seattle about what awaits on the other end. Friend and regular reader Bev, who lives in Syracuse, says their weather people are laughing at Seattle going into a state of emergency over 4-6 inches. Quite sure Rochester is too. As I said before, in Rochester you’d be a wimp for taking out boots for 4-6 inches. Schools would not close. People would come and go normally. But that’s not the case for cities with little snow equipment and very little experience driving in snow and ice.

Will check in later.

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