Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

Well, there was a window in between snowstorms and wind gusts, and I made the window. I arrived safely in Seattle around 1pm. The highway was clear, and some of the major city streets. But Queen Anne hill was closed, as was Dravus St. — my alternative for getting up the hill to my neighborhood. I could have safely gotten an Uber from airport to downtown, but would have been faced with negotiating with a driver likely unfamiliar with driving on unplowed streets as to the best way to try to get up the hill.

We’re going to have a series of snowfalls this week, so if not home today, not home until late in the week. I would have been at Sara and Ben’s. Matt and Amy are “up the hill” too.

Just as an fyi, the couple in front of me in the boarding line at Houston had just come in from Santiago, Chile, and they said that the trials of the steep, snow covered Queen Anne hill were on TV there. I know those of you who get lots of snow are laughing that 4 to 6 inches can shut a major city down, but here we are. Schools are closed tomorrow, and lots of people will be working from home.

Sara and Ben were willing to get me downtown, so I got on the Light Rail link from the airport, and rode that downtown. Lots of other SeaTac passengers were doing the same thing. Once there, Sara and Ben grabbed me from the corner by Macy’s, and we found a more gradual road up the hill — the back way, by Canlis, for those of you familiar with Seattle.

They helped me in with my stuff, and then left to get off the hill before the next snow hit. Sara had managed to buy me a shovel — in high demand here over the last several days — so I could clear my steps and the car and go get groceries before the next snow began around 3:30pm. Matt called to check in and offer help. My daughter-in-law Amy and her mom sent great pics of the kids sledding on the steep block next to their house. Those under separate post, password protected.

I’m in, safe and warm and with a baked ratatouille in the oven for supper. Seattle is getting lots of ribbing online for the rush on our grocery stores and for being out of kale. Actually, the store was pretty well stocked except for bread. Clearly the bakery truck didn’t get through. But I’m well provisioned. My suitcase is unpacked and the wash is on. Held mail comes tomorrow, with all my tax stuff. My new Fitbit band had arrived from Amazon and Sara put it inside the house — my band broke in Panama. The FitBit is back on my wrist. I have on my warm comfy pants.

I have Joan Baez on from my Echo Dot. I poured a glass of good white wine.

Life is good. More tomorrow…

Pic below out my back glass door to deck. Yes, it is snowing again. πŸ™‚

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