Panama 2019: Update on Trip Home

Am in Houston for the night, flying up to Seattle tomorrow. Strong winds with gusts up to 60 mph forecast for tonight, and I’d not have gotten in until 9:30 pm if no delays. I hate being in a metal tube being flung around by bumpy air in pitch black. Plus, Seattle Uber and taxi drivers are mostly people from warm countries or locals who have no experience driving on snow and ice– sans snow tires or even all weather tires, as no one has them. In daylight can take light rail into town and plan from there. Not sure I can get up hill to my house or Matt and Amy’s. Might have to go to Sara and Ben’s.

Am writing on my phone — computer does not like lack of secure internet connection. Regular blog posts up tomorrow afternoon.

Arduous trips are not without humor. Both biz class flight attendants and couple in front of me on flight from PTY to Houston SURE I was Billie Jean King. Most of my sightings have been coming or going from Houston. What is it re this airport and Billie Jean?😊

Shout out for Sara and Ben, who created alternative plan and booked. I was in Copa Club lounge in Panama City with no access to anything.

17 thoughts on “Panama 2019: Update on Trip Home

  1. We’re in Cayman but get tv from USA. Story about Seatlle on Lester Holt, so knew you would not be getting home tonight!
    Having Met BJK once, you DO look like her, so understand the confusion. And famous people often say when confronted, “I get that a lot!” So I’m sure they thought you really were, but denying. Just finished “BECOMING” and even Michelle said that…….. Safe travels tomorrow.

  2. Saw news photos of Seattle on TV tonight, at least 7 in. and more coming. The guys at Pike Place Mkt were throwing fish outside in the snow!
    Enjoy your BJK fame as long as it lasts. Safe travels.

  3. I heard Seattle public schools were closed a couple of days with the last snow. Hope you get out today and have a good trip home. Smiling at the BJK story.

  4. for Ada: Have you really met BJK? I would love to. I really enjoyed that film about her that came out last year or the year before. She was a pioneer in women’s tennis. And as I always say, being mistaken for a professional athlete isn’t half bad. I sometimes do have people say “I know it’s you [BJK] and I get that you all hate to be approached by fans all the time. But I really am a fan.” I just smile and say thank you.

  5. for Phyllis: In Houston awaiting flight to Seattle. Still a challenge once I get to airport, apparently. Friend from Syracuse says their weather people are laughing at Seattle caving under 4-6 inches of snow. I’ll bet Rochester is too.

  6. for Joyce: At least when kids are off, Amy is too. 🙂 Rochester would never close schools for 4-6 inches, but in Seattle there is just no equipment to clear streets to make safe for busses.

  7. Perhaps “met” is a slight exaggeration. She was the speaker at our granddaughter’s graduation from Northwestern. For some reason – can’t remember – we were in very close proximity to her as she was coming in or something. I got a REALLY good look – and you certainly do resemble her. So that’s my “met” – maybe exaggerating the truth is “catching” thanks to a certain national leader LOL

  8. for Ada: I would love to hear her live, in any forum. They had to make interesting compromises in that era, like accepting endorsements from tobacco companies like Virginia Slims in order to get funding parity for the women’s game.Life is a trade-off, as they say.

  9. for Ada: Would love to hear her in any setting. Those early pioneers had to make hard choices, like accepting Virginia Slims funding, to equalize the pay scale. Would love to know more about that, and not from the movie …what they actually grappled with.

  10. for Nedra: It really is too funny. And this one from flight attendants, no less. I really would like to stand next to Billie Jean sometime and see. I’ve looked up her pic, and there is a resemblance. And, we’re about the same age. As I always say, nice to be mistaken for a professional athlete.

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