Panama 2019 Day 23: This Old House

My Peace Corps era house is truly falling down. Robertito, eldest son of Roberto Delgado, owns it and clearly has no interest in it, although he isn’t willing to sell or give the land and the structure to another family member. Robertito, Lily says, is about my age. He lives in the city. He came to MInga’s funeral, which was kind. He never lived with Minga and his father, Roberto Delgado, while he was growing up in Rio Hato. I didn’t know him during the Peace Corps era; I imagine he lived with his mother. If he ever came around, I didn’t know he was Roberto’s son.

Daira’s house is just behind and to the left, and Teri and her clan either have or are building houses behind — pics of that tomorrow. Jorge, Teri’s son, climbed up and cut down a bush that was growing out of the top of the house because he knew it bothers me to see the place so disregarded. Jorge says he would like to fix up the house, and he has the construction skills to do it, but he’d have to get Robertito’s permission.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2019 Day 23: This Old House

  1. for Katie: No idea why Robertito won’t just give it to one of his half-siblings. If he’s my age and hasn’t moved back to the village, not likely to do so now.

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