Panama 2019 Day 23: Despedida

Eleven came to the airport hotel to join Sally and me for breakfast, and then they surprised us by getting on the shuttle for the airport while we were upstairs organizing our suitcases and were at the airport too. In this pic I’ve already gone through security, and they were waving from on high.

Inauspicious start through security. A painted parrot that is a gift for Archie apparently has a metal core. Who knew. Security took everything out of my suitcase looking for the suspicious metal. I have more jammed in than I could ever have imagined, including wedding gifts for Sara and Ben, and I can’t check a bag because I have no idea when I’ll fetch up in Seattle. Security was finally satisfied, and I jammed everything back in.

I’m going to have an arduous day and wish I wasn’t loaded down quite so much, but I’ll manage. Awaiting the shock of a big temperature swing.

From left: Teri, Daira, Josue, Lely, Jeorgethe, Naty, Hazel.

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