Panama 2019 Day 22: What Color is My Hair?

I began coloring my hair when I was 50, and at 73 I have no idea what color — or lack thereof — might be truly mine. I get my short, straight hair colored and cut every five weeks, and wear it spiky with the help of something called “hair clay” — functions like gel, but a different consistency.

I was slightly out of sync between hair appointments and my trip to Panama. I would have had to go at 3 1/2 weeks to get an appointment in before I left, which seemed too soon. But my appointment next Wednesday, is 7 weeks out. That, alas, is way too long. Not only is my short hair too overgrown to respond well to the hair clay and hold its spiky style — of course being in and out of the pool and ocean multiple times a day doesn’t help either — but I now have a significant swathe of white roots. White!!! My hair, in its natural color, is white.

I return home Saturday late, weather in Seattle allowing, and I plan to wear a bag over my head between then and my Wednesday appointment. The chances that, having gazed upon the evidence of my now white hair, I will go au natural are zero, zero, and zero.

No pic of the evidence. Not a chance. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Panama 2019 Day 22: What Color is My Hair?

  1. My mother had an incredibly thick luxurious head of hair BUT went gray in her twenties, so she dyed it for a long time! My father still had his brown hair when he died at age 73. However, his brown hair was thin and fine. Did I get the best from each – thick hair that stayed brown? No! I started to go gray in my late 30’s and had very thin, fine hair. I started dying it even before the gray part, as many a hairdresser told me it would give my think hair “body.” My husband always complained that although it started out brown, the sun would tune it “reddish.” So, one day in my mid forties, I said to my hairdresser in Rochester, “My husband would like me to go back to my natural color.” He laughter and said, “Does he realize your natural color is grey?” At any rate, he cut it very short and we used rinses as it grew out. And it wasn’t gray – it was white. So I had my thin, fine white hair for a while. But it kept getting thinner, so I started using a hairpiece (human hair) – think of a yarmulke with hair! Finally, I decided it was time for a wig and I have been wearing one for several years now. Much happier. Really did not like that thin, fine hair. I know it sounds silly, it’s not that it gives me confidence; it just makes me feel a whole lot better!

  2. for Ada: I wouldn’t have known you were wearing a wig last time I saw you if you hadn’t told me. I think it looks great. Kudos!

  3. Perhaps your hair is as white as the snow falling in Seattle right now! I love naturally white hair. You can’t really reproduce it in the salon. I think you should consider going au naturel.

  4. for Louise: You haven’t seen me yet, my friend. 🙂 If I have a delay getting home and miss my hair appointment, I’ll have a hat on for weeks until I can get another. 🙂

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