Panama 2019 Day 21: Loving Grandfather

This is Luis with Axel, not Gabrielito. But the pic shows the devotion of this grandfather for his four small grandchildren.

When Fani received alarming news about Gabrielito’s echo from the young cardiologist at the charity clinic, Luis was distraught. Gloria said he didn’t sleep at night until the follow up appointment with Dr. de la Rosa, who calmed their fears and said the earlier cardiologist was in error when she said Gabrielito is in trouble.

This young cardiologist caused immense turmoil for the entire extended family with her three minute evaluation and dire pronouncement. I wish they didn’t have to see her again, but with the luck of the draw in the charity hospital, she may be on rotation when Gabrielito needs a routine echo again next year. The family does not have the option of saying they don’t want to see her and will wait for another provider. If this cardiologist is on when they go next year, she will be the one they see. I’d like to tell Gloria they can simply discount what she says, but they really can’t — because next time there might actually be something to be alarmed about.

Above all else, poverty limits choice.

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