Panama 2019 Day 21: Last Trip to Pippa’s

Pippa’s is a favorite lunch spot, and Sally and Gloria and I went on Wednesday for the last time this trip. Since I can’t rent a car now that I’m over 70, Gloria calls a taxi. I buy the taxi driver lunch and pay him for the time, and it’s still orders of magnitude cheaper than a car rental and insurance.

Ten years ago when we first came, Sally introduced Gloria to the concept of “amigas para siempre“, which means “women friends forever”.  The idea that you can rely on women friends for support isn’t common in rural culture, where people mostly rely on family. But I and my friends have been, over the years, strong support for Gloria’s evolution into a more empowered woman. She knows it, and is grateful.

Here we are, amigas para siempre.

And here is my lunch: shrimp with the heads still on and long tentacles waving, patacones, and a small dollop of cole slaw. Deliciosa, as they say here.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2019 Day 21: Last Trip to Pippa’s

  1. for Katie: Fun place to go. 🙂 A Venezuelan now owns it, and the place is being upgraded. You even now have to pay $5 for parking.

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