Panama 2019 Day 20: Paying the Bone Collector

Some of you have asked about the cost of paying the Bone Collector for the re-interment Arturo’s remains. Gloria said that an extended family member of hers will construct the simple cement box, the ossuary, for the cost of materials alone. They have enough family members buried in the cemetery that the new ossuary can be built on top of someone’s grave without any cost. The Bone Collector charges $70, just to empty out the current space and re-inter whatever remains might be there. I figure $100 all in will do it, with maybe a little left over to put Arturo’s name on the ossuary. I can easily leave Gloria with that.

I also got a question via email as to whether the Bone Collector thing will affect Minga’s burial over time. The answer is no. She’s buried in the ground, and no one will turn up demanding her space. I’m quite sure she knew that, and it’s why she asked Rufina to  see that there was an in-ground burial. Minga will rest in peace.

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