Panama 2019 Day 19: Red Sox Fan

Gloria asked me to bring her a Red Sox ball cap, which I did — and it was promptly appropriated by her grandson Gabrielito. Good abuelas that we are, the hat stayed with the little boy.

Michael lives in Boston, is a Red Sox fan, and arrived with a Red Sox had that is well- broken in and has accompanied him in travel all over the world — a beloved hat, in other words.  Nonetheless, mensch that he is, when he heard the story of Gloria and the hat he gave her his upon leaving to go back home. Sending something to the village from the U.S. is well nigh impossible — even with Amazon it’s a complicated and costly process. I would have brought Gloria another hat next year, but now she doesn’t have to wait.

The hat hasn’t been off her head since Michael left.

Good man.


7 thoughts on “Panama 2019 Day 19: Red Sox Fan

  1. for Katie: They do. Partly a function of sun avoidance, but also a not-too-expensive fashion touch to help create a personal image. This cap fits Gloria to a T.

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