Panama 2019 Day 19: Bunk Beds

Gloria had both of her older grandchildren here on Sunday, and I introduced Gabrielito and Milenys to bunk beds. Remember that they don’t have second stories to their houses, so stairs are an adventure. So are bedroom doors that lock, or any bedroom doors at all. Closets are a novelty, as is having a bathroom attached to your bedroom. All four bedrooms in the villa have an en suite bathroom.

Bunk beds are a positive adventure. I explained that Archie has bunk beds, and that I sleep overnight in the bottom bunk on Christmas eve. I asked if they would like to see what bunk beds are, and their eyes lit up.

Often these kids don’t have their own beds at all; the whole family sleeps in one big bed. They find it astonishing that we sleep all by ourselves in a bedroom, and the first question always is whether or not we are lonely.

This bunk room actually sleeps six; there are two trundle beds that pull out below. They were simply flabbergasted at that.

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