Panama 2019 Day 12: “Experiencias Nuevas”

I encourage Minga and Gloria’s families to understand time spent with me as an opportunity for new experiences, and  invite them to try things even if they think up front they might not like what is on offer.

On Sunday evening Michael and Sally and I wanted sushi, and there is a fairly good sushi restaurant here with outdoor seating. The restaurant is in the plaza that has the hotel, a small chapel, the spa, retail stores, and the large corotu tree under which fancy weddings are held. There’s lots of decorative foliage around, so there are mosquitoes. Bug spray is available along with food and drink, so we all gave ourselves a shot of Deet Feet.

Lily, Hazel, and Miley were with us. Gloria had gone home to do her family laundry. All three turned up their noses at the thought of sushi, but I encouraged them to try, explaining that not all sushi involves raw fish. If they didn’t like it, I assured them they could go over to the hotel for hamburgers and I’d come by later and pay.

Miley, bless her heart, dug in and found two rolls — both on the sweet side with plantains and mango sauce — that she liked. She also mastered chopsticks in a nanosecond, and tried to teach Lily. Hazel and Lily were beyond revolted at the tastes. But hey, they tried.  They settled on chow mein with chicken, and stayed with us through the meal.

Lily is a good sport and allowed me to post these pics. 🙂

The chopsticks thing was a complete bust except for Miley, who used them to eat her rolls. The restaurant had a sort of bogus chopsticks joined at one end that were easier to use. In the view of Lily and Hazel, that didn’t make the rolls taste any better.

All three brought their real chopsticks home as a souvenir.



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