Panama 2019 Day 11: Mari and Family, And Tio Angel

Minga’s extended family is so large I have to break them into groups to invite them for a day at the villa. On Sunday, in addition to Lily, Miley, and Hazel who are staying here, I had Mari, husband Luis, daughter Harlennys and son Luis, and Harlennys’s daughter Darineth. Also here were Angel, Minga’s eldest son, and his partner Magnolia.

Lynn has left to return to Seattle, but Michael and Sally are here, as is Gloria. That’s more than we can fit around the table. The adolescents ate by the pool, ordering from the hotel menu, and Gloria cooked for the rest of us.

Those of you who have been in Panama will be surprised at how “the kids” have grown! Luisito is headed for his first year in university, to study electrical engineering. Harlennys is still trying valiantly to finish her degree in accounting. Darineth is four, and begins pre-kindergarten in late February.

If you’re curious about the genealogy, Miley’s grandmother Ana and Luis’s mother Mari are sisters. Ana is the eldest and Mari is #7 of Minga’s offspring.

Miley, Darineth, and Luisito.

Luis, marido of Mari.

Luisito, Harlennys, Darineth

Magnolia and Tio Angel.

2 thoughts on “Panama 2019 Day 11: Mari and Family, And Tio Angel

  1. for Phyllis: He’ll do his first two years of University in Penonome so he can live at home, and then will move to Panama City for last two years for his specialized engineering courses. Darineth is a sweet child, well loved by Mari and her family. Luisito is a wonderful uncle. No idea how engage a father Darineth’s biological parent is, but she does not lack for love from adult males in her family.

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