Panama 2019 Day 10: Next Gen Matriarchs

With Minga’s death her two eldest daughters, Ana and Rufina, move into the role of matriarchs of the family — roles that they will fill admirably. Each played a key role in caring for Minga in her later years, Rufina in the village and Ana in the city when Minga lived there for dialysis. Both have a calm, and a centeredness, that is much like their mother. Rufina looks like Minga; when I see Rufina’s face, I can see Minga. Rufina also has a quick, dry wit that is unexpectedly hilarious. Ana has an abundance of gentleness. If I were ill or in distress, she is the one I’d want to sit with me.

Lily, Rufina’s daughter, will the the generation after that. She is already a caretaker, and an organizer, within her large extended family.

Minga would be proud. Her family is in good hands. Her death has left no emptiness in the center of her family. The torch has been passed.

From left, Ana, Lily, Rufina.

4 thoughts on “Panama 2019 Day 10: Next Gen Matriarchs

  1. for Phyllis: I’m really very encouraged by the way the family has pulled together, and by the strength of these two women, along with their brother Angel.

  2. for Linda: She does look like her mother. And she has that same calm and serenity and confidence in who she is.

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