Panama 2019 Day 10: Lagarto

If you’d asked me if the rivers around the village, or the fake lakes in the complex where I rent, have alligators, I’d have said “Nah, no way. Never seen one, not in the Peace Corps days, not now.”

Look who popped up when Tia Lynn walked around the fake lake nearest the villa. Scared her half to death. I asked Gloria why she’d never mentioned that we have lagartos, and she said they’ve been there all the while and she thought I knew. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Panama 2019 Day 10: Lagarto

  1. We have alligators in the lake at our Florida house & the “wranglers” who remove them, say that any tropical fresh water lake will have them – advised us to swim only in salt water or pool!

  2. for Katie: They have a purple flag that they fly here at the beach to warn of “dangerous marine life in the ocean” when swimming is prohibited. I haven’t dared to ask what said marine life might be.

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