Panama 2019 Day 9: Pippa’s at Farallon

Pippa’s bar has been on the beach in Farallon, a fishing community a few miles from our villa, since the 1960’s when I was a Peace Corps volunteer. The place has waxed and waned, but right now it’s owned by a Venezuelan who’s putting a lot of money into it and the bar is popular and busy. You go for the experience and the rum and coke more than for the food, but an adventure it is. You can take a swim while your food is being prepared, and you sit at tables right in the sand.

Getting Gloria into the ocean is new. She doesn’t go in very far or stay very long, but she does get wet. 🙂 She doesn’t swim and her nephew drowned at the beach two years ago, so the ocean is a pretty scary place — even when it’s as calm as glass.

This local is renting his horse out for a beach ride.

Sally, Michael, and Gloria.

Gloria, Lynn, Sally Michael. We also invited out taxi driver, Leudo, to eat with us.

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