Panama Day 8: Culebra and Buzzards

I find all kinds of things on my early morning walk, like a dead snake in the road and a pair of buzzards feasting on it. Buzzards are grim looking birds, but they clean up the environment. When they are finished with this snake, there will be only skin left, and not a shred of flesh or internal organs.

There are some poisonous snakes in Panama. I have no idea what this one is. The kids here are taught to give all snakes a wide berth, just in case. There are also poisonous frogs, and as a result the kids are schooled in avoiding frogs, ranas, even the small harmless green ones. In the past couple of years we had one in the pool, and one of my guests went to get the pool skimmer to pluck it out. The kids ran toward her screaming “rana, rana, rana, no touch!”

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