Panama Day 7: Baby Brittney

The newest baby always gets the most attention. This year, that is 7 month old Brittney, daughter of Jari and Joel, sister of Joelito, grand-daughter of Ita, and great-grand daughter of Minga.

If you’ve been to Panama with me, you know about “the four Jaris”. Ita has four daughters: Janelys, Jarelys, Jarinelys, and Jarineilys. Their nicknames are Jani, Jari, Jarin, and Neilys. All four are rarely together — here they are.

You can see another culturally common thing here: young mothers have an enormous amount of help with the baby. If the baby is crying, someone picks her up. There are always lots of “someones” around. Young mothers are far less isolated in rural Panama than they are in our country.

Brittney with Mom and Aunt Janelys.

Brittney with Aunt Neilys.

Brittney with Aunt Jarin.

Brittney with Lily.

Brittney with Jari, her mother.

Brittney with Tia Pamela

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