Panama Day 7: Affecting the Ecosystem

The hotel complex where I rent a villa has a Jack Nicklaus golf course, which means the groundskeepers have to maintain a certain level of care. In dry season, all the grass naturally dries up. But that doesn’t meet Jack Nicklaus standards, so they irrigate all the time to keep the course green. That does two things: they pull a lot of available water from the area, which often leaves the village high and dry with no water at all. And, the constant wetness allows mosquitoes to breed. There used to be no mosquitoes at all in dry season, and now there are.

Normal grassy field in dry season.

Golf course.



2 thoughts on “Panama Day 7: Affecting the Ecosystem

  1. PGA golf course standards are totally incongruent with Panama and ecologically unsound. There should be other options…. desert landscaping? Desalinization to create the water supply?

  2. for Katie: I’m sure there were other options, but the PGA standards prevailed. I’m sure they’ll never have a tournament here — far too hot.

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