Panama Day 4: Family Gathering

The family gathering was everything I would have hoped for: lots of laughter, lots of loving memories of Minga, lots of stories about their family life, lots of family photos old and new. Lots more to come during the week.

In each of these photos to follow, Minga would have been in the center of the picture. And here I am instead.

This first is with her six daughters and three sons. They are not standing in order of age, but here is the birth order from eldest to youngest: Ana, Rufina, Teri, Daira, Angel, Ita, Mari, Manuel, Humberto. The five Delgado offspring are Teri, Daira, Angel, Ita, and Mari. The rest are Ana Navas, Rufina Samanego, and Manuel and Humberto Trujillo.

When I was here in the late 1960’s with the Peace Corps, Minga was with Roberto Delgado. Ana was being raised by an aunt, as Minga had her very young. Rufina was about ten, and Ita was the baby.

Angel, Daira, Teri, Ana, Tia Pamela, Mari, Ita, Humberto, Rufina, Manuel

2 thoughts on “Panama Day 4: Family Gathering

  1. Thanks for all these photos and names – what a wonderful family gathering and celebration of Minga’s life! Those who were small the first time I went are now teens or older, and the babies of the last trip are little children. This will be a day for all to remember!

  2. for Phyllis: Still hard to keep track of how everyone is related. 🙂 I update that chart you did years ago from time to time, and that helps.

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